best time to visit nepal

Best time to visit Nepal

If you are coming to visit Nepal, it is important to know what is the best time to visit Nepal. We all know that Nepal is a small beautiful landlocked country. Due to the diversity of Nepal, the number of visitors to this country is increasing day by day. The lower part of the country is only 59 meters high and the upper part is 8,848 (Mount Everest) meters high.

There are different types of weather at different heights. This means that not all parts of Nepal have the same weather in a certain season. Regional variations can cause many differences in temperature and weather between different regions. If one day the temperature in the southern part of Nepal is more than 30 Celsius, then on the same day the temperature in Everest Base Camp may be below 0 Celsius. Therefore, it is important to know about the best time to visit Nepal.

The country is also popular among tourists because of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Nepal is an excellent destination for trekking, tours, jungle safaris, sightseeing, rafting, climbing, etc. The time to visit any place varies according to the weather there. Some weather makes the trip favorable and some unfavorable. If you come to visit in the rainy season or winter, your trip becomes difficult.

However, the purpose of everyone who comes to visit Nepal may be different. If one comes for trekking and the other comes to observe the festival of Nepal, it does not mean that both are mentioned at the same time. If you are coming to Nepal for trekking in the Himalayas, jungle safaris, or exploring centuries-old temples, you need to grab the right time.

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Make your trip enjoyable by choosing the best time

High altitude and long trekking are done in the best season time, but short and easy trips can be done at any time of the year. But as long as the weather is favorable and the view is beautiful, that time is everyone’s choice. Knowing the seasons and weather of Nepal makes it easy for you to decide what kind of trip can be done in which season. So, Let’s discuss the weather in Nepal according to the seasons.

Winter season to visit Nepal

best time to visit nepal
Trekking in Nepal in the winter season

The Winter seasons include December, January, and February. In Nepal, winter brings cold, dry weather and snow to the mountains. There is a lot of cold and high snowfall in the high mountains. This time the sky is usually crystal clear, but it is difficult to travel at altitudes above 4,000. Even though the sky is clear and there is a beautiful view, only a few people come to visit Nepal due to the cold.

It is difficult to trek high mountains in cold weather but if you travel in an area below 4,000 meters then this is the right time. During this time you can take a short trek around the Kathmandu Valley. You can also visit Pokhara and take a short trek around Pokhara. Similarly, you can go on wildlife jungle safaris in the lower lands including Chitwan and Bardiya National Parks. If you want to visit the lower parts of Nepal and prepare yourself well, you can enjoy beautiful views in the clear sky.

There are some benefits to visiting Nepal this season. Most of the time the weather is clear so the views of the mountains are excellent. Winter is off-season for trekking so you will have no problem finding beds in teahouses. The trail is less crowded and you can find good hotels at low prices. The nights are cold but are great for walking on sunny winter days.

Spring season to visit Nepal

trekking in nepal in spring season
trekking in Nepal in the spring season

Spring seasons include March, April, and May. This is considered a good time to visit Nepal. Since spring starts after winter, the beginning of spring gets a little colder and gradually gets warmer. Spring is the busiest season to travel in Nepal. Trekking trails are busy so you will find travelers from all over the world on popular trekking routes.

This time the weather is stable which creates favorable conditions for Nepal’s classic treks including high pass crossings. As it is the flowering season, the trekking trail is beautiful and enjoyable in this season. The national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron, blooms in the lower region around Pokhara in early spring. In late spring, it begins to bloom above Namche in the Everest region.

As the weather is favorable at this time, most of the trekkers prefer to trek in the mountainous region above 4000 meters. At this time it is best to trek Manaslu Circuit, Sagarmath Three Pass, Annapurna Circuit, etc. This is the best time to do high mountain passes like Manaslu Circuit Trek (Larkya-La Pass), Everest High Pass Trek (Kongma-La Pass), Annapurna Circuit Trek (Thorang-La Pass), etc. If you don’t like crowds, you can also do off-the-beaten-path trekking where the crowds are less.

Among the major festivals of Nepal, Holi (festival of color) and Nepali New Year are celebrated in this season. If you are in Nepal at this time, you will have the opportunity to learn about these two big festivals in Nepal.

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Summer season to visit Nepal

trekking in nepal in summer season
trekking in Nepal in the summer season

Summer seasons include June, July, and August. Summer is the monsoon season. During this time the weather is hot and humid which causes a lot of rain. Rain often makes trips difficult, so it is not a good time to visit this season. Cloudy skies block mountain views and trails with plenty of rain, mud, and leeches.

It is good to have some flexibility in summer travel plans as flight delays and cancellations due to cloudy weather are very common. Rain can cause landslides, and road and trail closures that can make your trip annoying. Many trekking areas are difficult to trek due to monsoons, but trekking can be done in the rain-shaded areas of the Himalayas. Trekking can be done in Upper Mustang, Nar Phu Valley, and Dolpa where it does not rain much or very little. You can also go for a jungle safari in Bardia National Park where tigers are more likely to be seen, but in Bardiya it is very hot at this time.

There are some advantages to visiting Nepal at this time, such as cheap hotels are available and there are no crowds on the trekking route. In summer, the forests of the trekking trail look greener and denser. Many beautiful hiking trails in Nepal pass through green forests which makes the journey even more enjoyable.

Autumn season to visit Nepal

trekking in nepal in autumn season
trekking in Nepal in the autumn season

Autumn seasons include September, October, and November. Autumn is the most popular and best trekking season in Nepal. By this time the summer is over and the winter has not started yet. This time is suitable for all aspects of any tourist activity. After the monsoon ends, the weather becomes clearer, the climate cools, green valleys and forests look natural, and the scenery is breathtaking. Trekking trails with beautiful green distant views on a sunny day with blue skies are very beautiful. Autumn is often the best and least risky time for any hiking and adventure activity.

With the rainy season over, neither the constant rains nor the extreme temperatures will bother you. Cool weather, clear mountains at night, clear skies, and warm days are the main features of autumn. It is also a good time to visit Nepal for cultural reasons. It is also the season of Dashain, the biggest festival for Nepalis, and many other festivals.

At this time, it is a great opportunity to experience the culture, traditions, and festivals of Nepal up close and to participate in such festivals. These wonderful conditions bring many people from all over the world. When the main season is everyone’s choice, almost all the trails are busy and the teahouses are full of capacity. You can do any trekking or tour in Autumn. And if you are thinking of high pass and climbing, this is the best time to experience Nepal’s peak climbing.

Conclusion of the best time to visit Nepal

There are no restrictions for trekking and touring in any season in Nepal. With proper planning and management, you can do any trekking and tour of Nepal throughout the year. Hiking in the high mountains is always difficult, and if the weather does not support you, you will have even more difficulty. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the best time when choosing Nepal for your travel destination. Of the four seasons, spring and autumn are the best trekking and tour seasons in Nepal, so you can plan your visit to Nepal during these seasons.