Introduction to Trekking and Tours in Bhutan

Trekking and tours in Bhutan are the most popular activities among tourists. The Kingdom of Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayas, between Tibet in the north and India to the south. Bhutan is landlocked in the heart of the high Himalayan mountain range. The country’s total area is 38394 square kilometers, and the official language is Dzongkha. There are many peaks above 7,000 meters (23,000 feet) above sea level, of which Gangkhar Puensum is the highest peak in Bhutan.

The main religion of Bhutan is Buddhism, which has played a pivotal role in the cultural, ethical, and social development of the country and its people. The Bhutanese tradition is deeply rooted in its Buddhist heritage. Hinduism is the second most influential religion in Bhutan and the most prevalent in the southern regions. It is the most isolated country in the Himalayas and was opened for tourism only in 1974. Then tourists started coming for trekking and tours in Bhutan.

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Bhutan has a rich and unique cultural heritage that remained largely intact due to its isolation from the rest of the world until the middle of the 20th century. Bhutan is one of the most loved countries by tourists. Although a small country in South Asia, it is rich in natural beauty and culture. Whether it’s a colourful culture, a beautiful monastery, or a mysterious mountain, Bhutan has always attracted tourists from all over the world.

Bhutan: A country of monasteries

Bhutan is blessed with beautiful monasteries on the hilltop that bring out the peace that you want to achieve during your visit. These monasteries are centuries old and are still strong in terms of construction. Some of these monasteries are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The monarchical country of Bhutan is known for its colourful festivals that have been celebrated since the time of the kingdom. The main attraction for tourists is the culture and traditions of the country.

Bhutan is a land of high mountains, picturesque valleys, snow-capped peaks, clear flowing waterfalls, and rich wildlife, where travelling is truly a fantastic life experience. Trekking and tours in Bhutan are also an ideal way to explore the country’s unspoiled environment, majestic mountains, unique cultural heritage, and friendly people.

The Royal Government has adopted a farsighted policy to protect the country’s pristine environment and culture, which has carefully avoided the harmful effects of industrialization and mass tourism on the environment and traditional Bhutanese lifestyle.

Trekking and tours in Bhutan require a permit from the Royal Embassy of Bhutan. Autumn and spring are the best seasons for trekking and tours in Bhutan. Get ready to visit a small but beautiful and peaceful Himalayan kingdom.

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