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Safety & Insurance

Safety and insurance are important while trekking or touring any place. According to Nepal’s law, it is not mandatory to have insurance to travel to Nepal, but in terms of your personal and financial security, it is a must when the trip has been booked to Nepal, especially for the high-altitude treks and peak climbing.

Personal travel insurance is not included in the trip price. While every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, it is advisable to have travel and medical insurance when you come to Kathmandu. Such travel medical policy should cover transportation costs in the event of helicopter or surface evacuation being required.

This is especially mandatory for those taking a trek at high altitudes.It is always good to have an insurance policy, even for an easy and comfortable Himalayan trip.

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Choose a good company.

Choose the insurance company whose policies cover all aspects of travel insurance, from flights to treks. Some of these are emergency evacuation from an altitude of 5000 m plus by a helicopter, altitude mountain sickness relief, trip delay, trip cancellation, and flight delays both international and domestic, the loss of baggage, pre-existing medical conditions, hotel bills on bed and breakfast, medical bills, and so on.

Please see the number of services provided by the travel insurance. Does the insurance company provide a custom travel insurance service, too? Please also see that. Your insurance company will also provide service based on your particular needs. Be very selective while choosing the service because you also have to see what your insurance company does not cover.

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