Introduction to Tibet Tour Packages

Tibet Tour Packages are famous for travellers because you can see beautiful views of the Himalayas and cultural, religious, and historical sites. Tibet is an autonomous region of China located in the southwestern part of the country. This is a famous tourist destination in South Asia. Tibet has become a dream destination for adventure lovers and regular tourists from all around the world.

It is the highest region on Earth and the largest Tibetan plateau, also known as the “roof of the world” and the “third pole of the world.”. As a plateau, Tibet is not only arid and barren but also has vast areas, including forests and extremely fertile valleys. Most of Tibet is surrounded by mountain ranges, including the northern part of Mount Everest.

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This beautiful Tibet Tour presents one of the most exciting adventures in the remote part of the world, located at an average altitude of 5000m (16500ft) above sea level. The lower part of the valley of Tibet is higher than the highest mountains elsewhere. Tibet can be divided into three major parts: the north, south, and east. The eastern part of Tibet is full of forests and covers about a quarter of the land.

The northern part is open grassland and covers about half of the land. The southern and central parts are agricultural areas that cover a quarter of the land. Many of its major cities, such as Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse, and Tsetang, are located in the southern and central parts of the country, so it is considered the cultural center of Tibet.

Visit Buddhist Monasteries

The Tibet Tour Package offers beautiful Himalayan views, nomad lands, scenic valleys, Potala Palace, and Tibetan monasteries. Tourists visiting Tibet can enjoy the picturesque snow-capped mountains, mysterious religions, exotic customs, and spectacular inhabitants of Tibet. The Tibetan people have been practicing Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. Historic Buddhist monasteries are still in the same structure that the Tibetans have well preserved.

Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Toling Monastery, Rongbuk Monastery, etc., are the most famous Buddhist monasteries. Entering the Forbidden City, an exciting trip to the Everest Base Camp, ancient monasteries, colourful flags, traditional markets, ever-smiling, happy-loving faces, and mysterious lakes are the beauty of Tibet’s highlands that provide tourists with lifelong, unforgettable memories.

Best Season for Tour in Tibet

Autumn and spring are the best seasons for the Tibet Tour, but Odyssey Treks arranges tour packages at any time of the year, depending on the travelers’ holidays. Tibet tour packages are suitable for all age groups, and you can choose a short or long tour according to your time.

Pack your bags and get ready to travel to beautiful and peaceful Tibet with Odyssey Treks. Make your Tibet tour an unforgettable moment for a lifetime. We have various Tibet Tour packages, like the Kathmandu-Lhasa Tour, Nam Tso Lake Tour, Tibet Basic Tour, and Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour, available, and you can choose one of the above packages.

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