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Trekking Seasons

Nepal Trekking Seasons

Nepal Trekking Seasons are the subject of interest for many tourists who are planning to visit Nepal. What kind of weather to choose when you travel to Nepal is important because if you choose the weather that is suitable for you, it will help make your trip wonderful and fun. However, the best season for your visit may vary depending on the purpose of your trip to Nepal.

AUTUMN (Sept – Nov): Nepal Trekking Seasons

For Trekking in Nepal, the autumn season is considered the best time. Be careful, often there are still many days of rain in the first half of October although the monsoon stops around begin to mid of October so I would suggest not to start before the 15th of October. In October the fields and pastures are still green and most of the time the sky will be very clear with good mountain views. October is still warm but be prepared that in the mountains it can always be suddenly very cold. The weather is very cold in November but the view of the mountains is crystal clear. So, we can say Autumn is Nepal Trekking Season

WINTER (Dec – Feb):

This season is noted for occasional snowfall at higher elevations in the Himalayas and it is the very cold season with temperatures going down sometimes below -20° C and sometimes there is a freezing temperature inside the sleeping room of Lodge. Definitively a down jacket will make your trek much nicer, as most of the lodges will be rarely heated.

SPRING (March-May): Nepal Trekking Seasons

Various varieties of wildflowers, especially rhododendrons, make the hill a nasty paradise this spring. The weather is clear in the morning but soon gets dizzy. The later you are in spring there will quickly mask the mountains with clouds. Expect some rain regularly during the day so an umbrella is a must in this season.

SUMMER (Jun-Aug):

Summertime makes the trip from June to mid-September wet and warm. You will rarely see a mountain, only for a few minutes when the summit is always in the cloud. But there will be enough sun to get sunburn! You will see many beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies who have visited the area they know the view of the mountains, the monsoon is a very interesting and rewarding trek season. An umbrella is required because you are boiled with a closed raincoat.

So, Summer and Winter are not so good for trekking for Autumn and Spring are Nepal Trekking Seasons.

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