meal and accommodation in Nepal

Meals and Accommodation

For meals and accommodation in Nepal, there are many hotels, ranging from normal motels to five-star-grade hotels, offering a variety of facilities and services at different rates. As per your tour program, we do book hotel accommodation for you in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and other destinations on a bed-and-breakfast basis. There are restaurants in the hotel as well as ample restaurants available around the city areas that serve a wide range of dishes.

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Mostly, you find Tea Houses on the trekking Trail.

During your trekking, we provide meals and accommodations in local lodges or tea houses. All popular trekking routes, and even many of the less-traveled ones, will have teahouses. Teahouses are generally similar in style and quality, and the menus are almost identical. We provide full-board meals while trekking and climbing. We offer an open menu for tea house trekking. You can select the food item you like for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your guide will help with menu selection and make sure that you get hygienic, plentiful, and nutritious food. Most tea houses offer a variety of rice and noodle dishes, as well as seasonal vegetables.

The lodges are comfortable, warm, and well-appointed, but they do become more basic as you trek higher. Rooms are twin beds with two beds per room and do not have a toilet attached unless you would like to get an upgrade during the trek, and only in some lodges.

You can charge your electronics by the hour in the lodges, but it’s expensive. So, we recommend you bring a power pack along. A small solar panel would also be useful for charging up smaller devices if you’re on a longer trek.

For drinking water, you can buy mineral bottles or safe drinking water from the tea house. You can also bring water tablets or purification medicine.

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