Manaslu Circuit with Tsum valley Trek – 18 Days

Introduction to Trekking in Manaslu Region

Trekking in the Manaslu Region is a good option for adventure trekking lovers. Manaslu region is Nepal’s untouched and renowned trekking region, which is located in the west-central part of Nepal. Manalsu is the name of the mountain, which is the eighth-highest mountain in the world with a height of 8,156 meters.

In December 1998, the Government of Nepal declared a conservation area to conserve natural resources, cultural heritage, and wildlife. The government of Nepal has also promoted this area as an eco-tourism destination, which has also supported the livelihood of the local people. When trekking in the Manaslu area, at least two people must participate under the rules and regulations of the Government of Nepal.

The conservation area covers an area of 1,663 sq km. This area is managed and protected by the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) of Nepal. The Manaslu area offers travellers a range of trekking options. Manaslu Trek, Tsum Valley Trek, and Manaslu Circuit Trek are the region’s three main popular trek routes.

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The Government of Nepal allowed trekking in this area only in 1991, and now a special permit has to be obtained from the Nepal Immigration Department for trekking in this area. Along this route, there are 10 peaks over 6,500 meters. The highest point on this route is Larkya La, at an altitude of 5,160 meters.

Explore Manaslu Area

Manaslu Circuit Trek is an adventure trip that lets you explore the pristine region of Nepal. This cultural, historical, and natural trip is a moderate-level trip. The total length of the Manaslu Circuit trekking route is 177 km, where you can see the best views of the snow-capped mountains along the entire route.

Trekking tours in this isolated area have been very popular over the past few years. The Manaslu Mountain Trail Race is the most adventurous annual trail race among the mountains.

Runners from all over the world take part in the Manaslu each year. And throughout the race, enjoy the magnificent beauty that further reflects the glory of the region.

You can see the influences of Tibetan Buddhism in different villages in this place. The settlement of the Nuri people along the Tibetan border and their culture are major things to explore during the trek. The culture and fascinating festivals inspired by Tibetan Buddhism are unforgettable things to experience in the Manaslu area.

The trekking adventure starts in the green lowlands, inhabited by the Indo-Aryan Hindus, and in the middle hills: Tibetan-Burmese, Magar, Gurung, and Tamang. The Manaslu region has many farmlands, bamboo, rhododendrons, oak, and pine forests.

Massive Mountains view

Incredible mountain views like Manaslu, Ganesh Himalayan Range, Sringi Himal, Naike Peak, Larky Peak, Cheo Himal, Ratna Chuli, Kangaroo Himal, etc. make your visit more memorable.

After an 8-hour drive from Kathmandu, we reach Arughat Bazaar in the Gorkha district, where the trek begins. Usually, March–May and September–November are the best months for the Manaslu trek. But we arrange for the trekkers according to their wishes and holiday schedules. Trekking in this area will be an unforgettable moment in your life.

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